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We didn’t take the extended-sabbatical honeymoon in Italy we promised ourselves. The one we wanted was more than just a celebration, but a necessary investigation of another life—one we hoped someday to live. After our wedding, it was back to the grind. As sole proprietors of businesses, we had responsibilities to clients and no time to jet-set. A year later, we looked at each other and asked the question every person must eventually reckon with: “If not now, when?”

A tour of Italy started in Rome, then spilled into Florence, with day trips to Chianti, Bologna, and then well-researched hedonism and an off-the-treadmill residency in Venice. 

However, this isn’t a story about Italia—as much as we love it. Before we could even step on the plane, Alex Crevar encouraged us to come see at least some of neighboring Croatia. Not only is Alex a close friend, but he’s lived in the country, on the eastern Adriatic coast, for some 15 years. He’s also written about many of Croatia’s highlights and hidden gems for major English and American publications. How could we not take advantage of an opportunity to travel with such a guide?

The plans were finalized with a two-day detour to Croatia’s Istrian peninsula. Two days … that’s all it took.

It was October. Truffles were in season. Alex recommended taking the train to Trieste, renting a car, and driving through Slovenia to Rovinj, on the western shore of Istria. In less than two hours, we arrived at a five-star hotel where a bellhop handled our bags and directed us to the bar. After dodging the mobs of tourists in Italy, we knew Croatia was heaven. 

We’re happy to say our instincts were right. The beautiful towns, welcoming people, and fresh gourmet food continues to make us wonder: “Why hadn’t anyone ever mentioned this to us before?” Were we ahead of the curve? Of course not, but after returning home we realized we wanted to share our experience and execute it better so all our old and new friends could experience the same exhilaration of discovery. 

We want to raise the bar where luxury meets the local culture. Authenticity meets stress-free. We hope you’ll join us.